Day 9

I feel like I'm on a bit of a roll now.  Haven't really done anything marketing-wise since the last post (I've even stopped harrassing my facebook friends) and yet: tadda!

Current sales tally: 43!  I think in large part thanks to a darling friend who is very plugged into the literary world and who has reinvented herself as my unofficial agent.

I have also received some precious marketing advice from another friendly source, and so will soon be creating my little book's very own facebook page.

And there's going to be a competition as well.  That's right, a chance to win a PRIZE!

There's really no stopping me now...

Anyways, back to the competition.  Here's how it works:

1) You read the book (yes, that means purchase is, in theory, required - sorry)
2) You take a moment to decide what you think of it (hopefully nice things... but you can still play even if they aren't nice things, I promise)
3) You leave a review (see above for the nice/ not nice rule) - either on amazon.com or amazon.co.uk

Now comes the good bit.  If you leave your review before April 15, I will put your name in a box (or hat, or laundry basket, or cement mixer if there are a lot of you) and if you get chosen....


- Oïe, I said DRUMROLL -

- That's better -

So anyhoo, if you get chosen, I will name one of the characters of my next book (coming to a Kindle near you some time in 2012) after YOU!

That's quite exciting, right?

I mean sure, it's not a new car, or a trip to the Maldives, or a gazillion dollars.  But it's a chance for posterity!  Immortality even!

Or something like that.

En tout cas it will be fun.

So get reviewing, folks!

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  1. Do multiple buys earn you multiple credits in the "tombola"?