Day 7

Almost one week. And my biggest problem is marketing.

How do you sell an e-book when no one has ever heard of you?  How do you sell an e-book when you don't have a publisher or agent helping you out?

Or, really, how do you sell an e-book?

Step 1: Facebook

I have 194 facebook friends (I purged last year - maybe that was a mistake).  I have posted about the book 9 times since it "came out".  I've managed to convince 7 people to re-post the link.  In technical market terms, my conversion rate is crap.

Step 2: Author page

Amazon told me to make an author page.  I made an author page.  Didn't quite know what to put on it.  Is the idea that people will buy and read the book because they like my picture?  Does anyone actually choose books based on author photo? (seriously, do they?)  Besides, in order to see my photo, they would first need to have found the book, a current impossibility (unless you're my facebook friend and therefore, I assume, remember what I look like).

Step 3: Shameless publicity

Mention my book in Amazon forums (fora?).  Mention my book in a cheeky Jane Austen list.  Create an entire blog devoted entirely to myself and my budding novelist career.


So, let's take a look at the stats so far:
- Sales on US website: 22
- Sales on UK website: 4
- Reviews: 2
- Amazon sales rank: whatever

Desperately needed: a legendary marketing guru who can make me achieve my full potential and reach what I have now decided is my goal of 300 sales in 100 days... What do you think?  Are you the one for the job?

(Please pop a photo on your application please - heck, if I have to do it...)

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