Day 1

Last night, I whipped up a cover using my mac and an old holiday snap.  I debated whether or not I should give the manuscript a final proofread.  At 235 pages and given the hour, I went with not.  Then I clicked upload.

And that was - not quite it.  There was still the small matter of the price.  Which inevitably sparked a heated internal debate about value.  I lost.

There.  Now we wait.  Well, we go to bed first, and dream of hordes of adoring fans screaming our name like tweens at a Justin Bieber concert.

On Day 1, the book is on Amazon.  It has my name on it.  It has the title on it (hats off to the girl who came up with it during a random frenzy of creativity).  Absolutely nothing is happening.  The viral marketer in me screams "facebook" and I obey.  I receive several "likes".  I feel pretty giddy.  Then I realize I've sold two copies before lunch.  And it's not even my mother, since she doesn't have a Kindle or know what one is.

I am definitely on the fast track to success.

Next comes the clincher.  My first review.  No, it's not cheating since the person who wrote it helped with the proofreads all those months ago, so she has actually read it.  Whether she really thought it was worth the 5 stars is another matter.

By the end of the day I have sold six copies and checked twenty-five times.

What I haven't done is buy a copy of my own book.  Especially since I don't own a Kindle either.

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